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Live or pre-recorded web interviews to help your customers make more informed decisions on how to achieve a return on investment in smart glass products.

How This Works

A webinar allows in-depth commentary on what your products are and what benefits they bring. Delivered as a live or pre-recorded interview with a senior stakeholder from your organisation, we aim to explain to your customers what they need to know to move them along in the buyer’s journey.


Our sponsored webinars centre around your specific technologies and product offerings, with in-depth education tailored to your consumers and customers.


  • Architectural
  • Healthcare
  • Transport
  • Wearables
  • Appliances
  • Heritage
  • Retail


  • 15-min duration ensures busy professionals can attend
  • Free of charge to pre-registered participants
  • We liaise with you to design the content and delivery
  • You are 100% in control


Octoglass Investor Webinar

This 15-minute webinar, sponsored by Octoglass, is aimed at investors interested in clean technology light management solutions for the construction and display markets, using electrochromic smart glass.


Most frequent questions and answers

We target specific demographics and locations using Linkedin to ensure that a large number of qualified leads are driven to your webinar. If you decide to sponsor the content, you can decide exactly who is targeted, where they are located and other details of your potential participants.

We can either write the content together (if it is a specific story or experience you have had); alternatively you can write the content and we simply edit it for space restrictions. Finally, we can write and design the whole webinar, if you like. We have 10 years experience working in the smart glass sector, so we know what we are talking about.

We do. This includes promotion, contact management, reminders and post-webinar follow-up.

Again, we do. All participants must register prior to joining the webinar. We take care of the registration process as well as liaising for any special requests.

It is 10 times more credible when a third party promotes your story, your ideas, your products and your team, rather than you doing this yourself. Since your content will appear on the SmartGlassWorld website, it will be highly searchable alongside all the other webinars, providing for a One-Stop-Shop for all queries from potential customers.


per promotion
  • Designed for your specific audience
  • Stock or Custom Images
  • Qualified contacts
  • Organic promotion on social media


per promotion
  • Premium content
  • Paid promotion on social media
  • Potential to reach 10M people

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