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Octoglass Railroad with Smart Glass

Smart Glass on Railway Transport

31 August 2019

Pro//Motion Expo 1520 took place in Shcherbinka (near Moscow) to showcase the latest in railroad equipment and technologies. Organized by the Russian Railways JSC, the show attracted more than 200 participants from all over the world. In addition to technical advances designed to dominate the global railroad sector, the show also demonstrated solutions from the world of Smart Glass. Octoglass, together with the KSC group demonstrated a prototype for passenger windows with increased comfort and variable light transmission. Smart glass technologies have already proven themselves in road transport and we can expect to see them in passenger rail transport in the coming years.

solar thermochemical reactor

Rooftop Solar Refinery Produces Carbon-Neutral Fuels

Scientists in Switzerland have demonstrated a technology that can produce kerosene and methanol from solar energy and air.

IEEE Spectrum | July 2019

car smart glass sunroof

Why self-driving cars will need ‘smart’ windows

Riding in a car could soon be more like riding in a plane or a train.

Mashable | July 2019

Vision Systems SPD Windows for Cruise Liners

Vision Systems unveils SPD SmartGlass Dimmable Windows for Onboard Cruise Ships

Passengers on cruise ships can experience discomfort with too much sunlight, glare and heat. At the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo in June 2019, the cruise line industry saw Vision Systems’ SPD-SmartGlass products designed to solve these problems.

SmartGlass | June 2019

Privacy Smartglass for the North Shore Hospital in New York

Privacy Smartglass for the North Shore Hospital in New York

Due to the hospital’s duty of care to its patients, it had to ensure that hygiene standards could be maximised by using the latest smart glass technology.

Smartglass International | May 2019

Electrochromic Material Changes Color

Changing an Atom or Two of an Electrochromic Material Changes its Color

Color-changing materials could be used in camouflage, skyscraper windows, and even in cosmetics and clothing.

Machine Design | May 2019

New Coating Sheds Ice Effortlessly

A new class of coatings developed at the University of Michigan sheds ice effortlessly from even large surfaces.

Machine Design | May 2019

Zeiss Smart Glass

ZEISS Develops First Multifunctional Smart Glass

The innovative see-through surfaces from Zeiss featuring integrated microstructured optics enable innovations like gesture recognition or eye tracking without any visible optical systems.

Zeiss | April 2019

Gauzy Windoor Prize

Gauzy receives Top Innovators Award at Windoor Expo for LCG®

Gauzy | April 2019


Caffeine Cranks Up Solar Cells

Caffeine makes perovskite photovoltaics more stable, enhancing their commercial potential

IEEE Spectrum | April 2019