Smart Glass Markets

AR Smart Glasses Industry 4.0

Augmented-Reality Smart Glasses for Industry 4.0

Augmented-reality (AR) smart glass is a nascent technology with clear benefits for digital manufacturing that needs real-world validation to enable the efficiency gains required by Industry 4.0

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Anticipating the European Climate Law with Smart Glass

Smart glass can help architects to cut carbon emissions by reducing heating and cooling costs in buildings, thus complying with the proposed new European Climate Law, which intends to convert Europe into the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

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Colour Rendering of Smart Glass for Healthcare

The colour rendering capabilities of smart glass facades in healthcare facilities can directly influence medical diagnoses that rely on a visual observation of the colour of human tissue.


Smart Glass for Improved Hygiene in Healthcare

Smart glass facilitates disinfection in healthcare environments, thus replacing curtains, drapes and window blinds which can harbour pathogens. We ask the question: why is glass easy to clean in the first place?

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