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What is Microfluidics

What is Microfluidics?

Microfluidics, combined with optically-switchable glass, can control light on laboratory analyses of photosensitive pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical specimens.

Green Building Interior with Large Energy Star Window

Energy Star Windows with Smartglass

Energy Star windows with smart glass would enable a faster transition to Net Zero by allowing more transparency and choice to consumers.

Passive House Red Scarf insulation with Coin On Wooden floor

Passive House Design with Smartglass

The Passive House design goals coincide perfectly with the capabilities of smartglass, leading to a faster potential transition to Net Zero.

Edge spacer technology in window profiles sitting on table indoors exterior with green exterior view

Warm edge spacers and smartglass

Warm edge spacers insulate windows and reduce condensation, minimising the risk of short circuits and electrical fires in smart glass.

Smartglass driven by AI artificial intelligence in financial district Cityscape London Big Data

AI-driven Smartglass Facades

Smartglass is only as clever as the system that drives it, and will require awareness through AI to meet complex security needs.

Smart Glass anti reflective glass room on greenery with table and lamp

Anti-Reflective Smart Glass

Anti-reflective smart glass reduces light pollution while increasing daylighting and the efficiency of photovoltaic windows and claddings.

Electrophoretic smart window

Electrophoretic Smartglass

Electrophoretic smart glass tints from opaque to transparent, offering on-demand light control for buildings and transportation.

Smart glass costs and benefits for energy efficient buildings showing a corporate building with windows in sunlight

Smart Glass Cost-Benefit Analysis

Smart glass costs can be recouped within a payback period, thanks to building-wide energy savings and a focus on sustainable daylighting.

Chemistry lab researcher looking through microscope at clear electrochromic fluid

What Is Electrochromism?

Electrochromism is the electrochemically-induced change in the optical properties of a material by the application of an electric field.

Liquid crystal polarisation applied to light

Liquid Crystal Polarization

Liquid crystal polarization of light can control the visual display of user interfaces for automotive, medical, and consumer devices.

Liquid crystal thermometer comparison

Liquid Crystal Thermometers

Liquid crystal thermometers change colour with temperature, allowing their use as IoT sensors for medical and industrial applications.

futuristic liquid crystal on silicon smart phone

What Is Liquid Crystal on Silicon?

Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) allows rapid light switching for display projection, improving on the existing liquid crystal display.

futuristic liquid crystal wrist watch

What is a Liquid Crystal?

A liquid crystal is a thermodynamically stable ‘mesophase’ of matter between solid and liquid, and reacts to heat, electricity and pressure.

AR Smart Glasses Industry 4.0

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

Augmented reality smart glasses offer huge benefits for digital manufacturing but need real-world validation to enable Industry 4.0

urban office window skyline view

Dynamic Glass Act

Dynamic Glass Act in the US is biased towards electrochromic smart glass. The EU needs similar legislation that is technology-neutral.

White room interior wicker furniture with large glass facade

What Is Photovoltaic Smart Glass?

Photovoltaic smart glass converts ultraviolet and infrared to electricity while transmitting visible light, enabling sustainable daylighting.

Designer Building Interior

What is Photochromic Smart Glass?

Photochromic smart glass becomes dark only when exposed to sunlight, reducing air conditioning costs and glare in buildings and vehicles.


Thermochromic Smart Glass

Thermochromic smart glass changes its transmittance when struck by incident solar radiation, becoming darker as the temperature increases.

RF shielding glass medical devices doctor window sunlight

RF Shielding for Medical Devices

RF shielding can be achieved with smart glass to reduce catastrophic failures in medical electronic devices at risk from radio frequencies.

McEwan Hall Edinburgh University 1McEwan Hall Edinburgh University

SPD Smart Glass

SPD smart glass allows a reversible change in transmittance between opaque and transparent states, facilitating net zero strategies.


What Is PDLC Smart Glass?

PDLC smart glass, or polymer-dispersed liquid crystals, switch between transparent and translucent, offering energy savings and privacy.

healthcare curtains hospital bed

Healthcare Curtains or Smart Glass

Healthcare curtains on windows can be replaced by smart glass for better hygiene, privacy and optimal sunlight to aid patient recovery.

Woman in electrochromic glass aircraft cabin

Electrochromic Glass

Electrochromic glass changes tint when driven by an electrical signal, allowing control over heat and glare, thus facilitating Net Zero.

Smart Glass Curtain Wall

What is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is any glazing material with coatings, laminations or embedded electronics that affect its optical, electrical or thermal properties.

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