Smart Glass Consultancy

Want to make use of smartglass and not sure where to start?

You are in the right place.

What We Offer


Project Requirements

We analyse your project requirements: optical, mechanical, thermal and electrical.



We help you to select from the hundreds of smart glass suppliers and products, based on functionality, quality, price and lead time.



We work with you to order and test samples, giving you control over which materials and technologies are best suited to your project.



We model the smart glass in terms of its mechanical, optical and electrical requirements.



Smart Glass World engineers build mechanical and electrical mockups and prototypes to help you to imagine the possibilities before you commit to a design.



We liaise with your chosen smart glass supplier(s) to ensure the materials, tools, people and processes are in place to meet your project budget and schedule.

Why Work with Us?

Through our parent company, ArtRatio, we have been working with smart glass since 2009, first as smart glass end-product manufacturers, then smart glass distributors and now smart glass consultants.

Our customers include museums, retailers, architects, interior designers and product engineers who are not always aware of the vast range of technologies, suppliers and products in the world of smart glass.

Our vendor-neutral advice ensures that you choose the right materials for your project, since your objectives and needs are central to our mission.

Think of us as your outsourced partners, freeing up time so you can get on with designing your consumer product, building, vehicle or smart city.

How We Work

After an initial phone consultation, we request a one-off retainer, before we start exploring your requirements and investigating how smart glass would affect the design and operation of your product, building or vehicle.

(This amount is subtracted from our fees if the order goes to completion and you purchase the smart glass from us.)

As your contracted smart glass consultants, we oversee the process of helping you to select (i) the right technology, (ii) the right products, (iii) finding the most cost-effective pricing.

We will also determine lead times for procurement, installation procedures and any potential regulatory requirements associated with incorporating smart glass technology into your application.

Finally, we can liaise with your electrical subcontractors during construction to advise on wiring schemes and potential integration with associated control systems.

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