About Us

SmartGlassWorld arose from a Linkedin Group started in 2012, and is a forum on functional materials for the construction, transport, medical, retail and heritage sectors.

Examples of materials discussed include SPD glass, PDLC glass, electrochromic glass, thermochromic glass, self-cleaning glass, graphene-based materials and augmented-reality glass based technologies.

If you are interested in scientific and commercial advances in this area, then please join the discussion.


Manoj Phatak, C.Eng CITP

Founder & CEO

Manoj’s first experience with glass goes back to the design and fabrication of optical waveguides as a final year project, and as a sponsored student with Ferranti Semiconductors in the UK. Manoj also worked as a Patent Agent in London, representing semiconductor manufacturers at the UK, European and US patent offices.

With a long-held fascination for materials science, Manoj founded ArtRatio in 2008 to build smart glass display cases for museums and luxury retailers and launched SmartGlassWorld thereafter to promote development in smart materials.

Manoj’s experience since 2008 as a manufacturer of smart glass end-products and since 2019 as a smart glass distributor allows a deep understanding of what customers need to achieve a return on investment in smart materials.