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The only vendor-neutral and global portal dedicated to the smart glass sector. 

What is Smart Glass World?

Smart Glass World is a vendor-independent portal dedicated exclusively to the smart glass sector. We aim to educate end-users in the technologies, products and benefits of smart and functional materials.

Our target audience includes architects, interior designers, smart city advocates, building services engineers and OEM product managers.

Our experience is based on over 13 years purchasing smart glass, manufacturing smart glass based end-products (through our parent company ArtRatio) and as distributors of several smart glass technologies.

Our advice centres on SPD, PDLC, electrochromic, thermochromic and photochromic smart glass.

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What Is PDLC Smart Glass?

With no applied voltage, the liquid crystals in PDLC smart glass orient randomly and scatter light. When an electrical signal is applied, the liquid crystals orient themselves parallel to each other, allowing light through and illuminating parts of the building which would otherwise remain in darkness.

Electrochromic Glass Aircraft Cabin

What is Electrochromic Smart Glass?

Electrochromic smart glass changes transmittance when powered by a DC voltage. This reversible change alters the state of the glass between transparent and opaque (or any state in between), switching states in the order of minutes.

Services for Smart Glass Suppliers

The Untapped Potential of Smart Glass

Smart glass materials, both active and passive, offer huge benefits in reducing air conditioning costs by dynamically limiting solar radiation in buildings and vehicles. They also offer privacy for healthcare and exclusivity for retailers, adjusting their behaviour to changing solar conditions.

Whether you are an architect, interior designer, smart city advocate, transportation engineer or consumer appliance manufacturer, smart glass can bring sustainable and intelligent solutions for your customers.