Smartglass World

Smartglass World is an education portal, consultancy and marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of smartglass products and services.

We provide vendor-neutral information and advice that facilitates Net-Zero strategies for construction, transportation, healthcare and consumer devices.

What is Smartglass?

We define ‘smartglass’ as any transparent medium having structural modifications or embedded technologies which augment the normal behaviour of glass. These augmentations can manifest themselves as surface coatings or films, internal laminations or electronic circuits embedded into the glass.

Examples of technologies covered include: polymer-dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC), suspended particle devices (SPD), electrophoretic, electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic, microfluidics, augmented-reality (AR) wearables, holographics, smart mirrors, micro-optics, RF-shielding and transparent photovoltaics.

Here is what you can do on Smartglass World:

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Learn about smart glass technologies, products, companies and market legislation with our in-depth articles and expert interviews, so you can make better-informed decisions on your next smart glass project.


Use our parameterised search to find smart glass companies, products and services based on your project objectives, required product types, industry roles and product attributes.

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Determine which smart glass technologies, vendors and products are best suited to your requirements using our bespoke consultancy service. We have 13 years of experience manufacturing smart glass end-products and smart glass control systems.


Explore all open customer requests for smart glass products and services, each specifying customer objectives, application area and project urgency. Together, we can grow the whole smart glass sector.

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Order a variety of smart glass samples from our inventory and get them shipped to you, anywhere in the world.

Need vendor-neutral advice choosing smart glass for your next project?

The Untapped Potential of Smart Glass

Smart glass materials, both active and passive, offer huge benefits in reducing air conditioning costs by dynamically limiting solar radiation in buildings and vehicles. They also offer privacy for healthcare and exclusivity for retailers, adjusting their behaviour to changing solar conditions.

Whether you are an architect, interior designer, smart city advocate, transportation engineer or consumer appliance manufacturer, smart glass can bring sustainable and intelligent solutions for your customers.